Products – Areas Of Expertise

  • Managing green regulations
  • Staying ahead with changing technologies
  • Adopting cross-industry best practices
  • Complying with emerging regulations
  • Coping with organizational restructuring
  • Tackling competition
  • Managing customer-driven sales
  • Regaining customer confidence

Organizations needs to adopt accelerated innovation in their processes, products and services which will contribute agility, efficiency, growth, value creation for the company, customers and partners. In the meantime they should be aligned to higher customer expectation, tighter resources, fierce competition and strict regulations.

We aspire to meet your demands through our unique array of products and services in an integrated manner with a quicker time to market strategy.

We work with our partners to bring an array of products built on cutting edge technology to suit your business requirements

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the following products

  • Online Compliance Monitoring Solution OCMS
  • Instrument Collections System
  • Freight Management System
  • Print Queue Monitoring System
  • Early Warning System
  • RemitONE
  • Employee Appraisal Rating System
  • Courier Management System
  • Resource Allocation System
  • Internal Security Audit - Vendor Compliance System
  • Access Control & Time Management
  • Footfall Tracker System
  • FEDS - Front End Collections / Delivery System
  • Fleet Leasing System
  • Custom Solutions